Feb 18 2009

New Blog

A new Greenius blog has been setup.

Here we hope to give some insights into our development and share tips or code with fellow developers.

Jan 5 2009

DocMoto exhibited at Macworld Expo 2009

CHL Software is exhibiting DocMoto (Mac) at the Macworld Expo 2009 this week in San Francisco.  This annual Conference & Expo is running from 5th January through to 9th January.  DocMoto is being demonstrated at booth G, stand 3726 in the Enterprise and Business Solutions area.

Greenius is proud to be a key part of the technical development of this product.

Nov 19 2008

Greenius Website Redesigned

We have redesigned our website in an effort to improve the information, and make it clearer about what we do, and what we can offer. The new website has been built on top of WordPress, and allows us to keep our content up to date much more easily.

We invite you to take a look around our new site for more information about Greenius.

If you’re interested in information about projects we have worked on in the past, please see the Projects page.

Jun 10 2008

Articles about Nearme

There have been a few web sites reviewing the Pubs Nearme service that we are developing for Oxford Softworks:

Feb 15 2008

Nearme service wins runner up prize in Navteq Global LBS Challenge

The mobile nearme service that Greenius has developed for Oxford Softworks has been awarded 2nd runner up in the prestigious 2008 Navteq Global LBS Challenge. The challenge was judged during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with an award ceremony on February 12th. Judges in the Navteq Challenge are some of the highest-ranking executives from within the mobile industry.

Jan 1 2008

DocMoto for Mac to be showcased at Macworld Expo

The Mac version of docmoto is being previewed by CHL Software at the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco between January 14th-18th.

Docmoto for Mac is a a file, image and document management system designed for studios and businesses running Mac networks. Greenius has been the lead development partner of this product for CHL Software, developing most of the software for Docmoto versions 1 and 2 for PC, and version 3 for MacOSX.

More information about the Mac version can be found at here. Information about the PC version can be found at www.docmoto.com. Download DocMoto for Mac Brochure (pdf file 2.07Mb).

Dec 1 2007

Nearme is semifinalist in Navteq Global Challenge

The nearme service that Greenius is developing with Oxford Softworks is a semifinalist in the 2008 Navteq Global LBS Challenge for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The final round will take place during 3GSM in Barcelona between February 10th and 12th.

nearme provides a user with detailed information about points of interest near to their current location. The information includes reviews, ratings, contact information and maps. As well as your current location you can also search based on a town, postcode or tube station (in London). The first application of nearme is the Good Pub Guide mobile service. The version entered into the Navteq competition uses data from Fodor’s Barcelona city guide.

The official list of semi finalists is at Navteq Global LBS Challenge. For more information about nearme, see Oxford Softworks website or www.nearme.eu.

Nov 1 2007

Mobile Good Pub Guide launched

Greenius has developed technology for mobile phone networked java applications. The first application of this technology is the Good Pub Guide for Oxford Softworks.

The Good Pub Guide is a Java application that runs on your mobile phone. Using LBS technology it locates where you are based on which mobile phone mast your phone is connected to. It then returns a list of nearby pubs from the Good Pub Guide together with a map showing your approximate location and that of the pubs found. Selecting a pub from the list displays more detailed information including ratings, reviews, phone numbers and more detailed maps.

The application connects to our server which performs location based searching, map generation and holds the databases of locations. The server is designed so it can be used for other types of application including games and other information based services.

Our mobile client development system now supports around 850 Java handsets. We build all the versions from a common source code base, automatically generating the different builds required to handle handset differences such as screen sizes, keyboard scan codes and known handset bugs. This avoids having to explicitly port the code to different handsets, so any enhancements and new features automatically get included in all versions. The supported handsets currently include most phones supporting MIDP2. Support for other handsets and PDAs will be coming soon including Blackberry.

To obtain the Good Pub Guide application, you can text GOODPUB to 87080 (SMS will cost 50p). For more information see www.nearme.eu or goodpub.mobi from a mobile phone browser.