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My Work

I am part of Greenius Limited, a small Oxford based software development team, who work on a variety of interesting software projects. We are available for contract work and for design and implementation of any interesting project ideas that are suggested to us. We develop for Linux, Windows and other operating systems as required for the project. Programming languages we use include C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python and others. Technologies we use include XML, XSLT, SQL. Where possible we develop our software to be cross platform for different operating systems and databases. For our in-house tools we prefer to use Gnu/Linux with PostgreSQL and other open source tools.

For more detailed information please view Greenius' web pages at

Before setting up Greenius, most of my career has been spent developing computer games.

The source code to two games I developed have been made open source, these are Wargamer: 1813 and Civil War.

My Free Time


I am very interested in beer. This includes:

  • drinking it in my favourite pubs
  • brewing it myself from malted barley and hops
  • An interest in local breweries and brewing history

I am a member of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), which is a UK organisation to promote the continuing tradition of real ale in Great Britain.

Other Interests

  • I play guitar and bass guitar, but am not actively playing in any bands at the moment.
  • I am interested in strange phenomena and other fortean activities
  • Playing Board Games
  • I keep a pond of goldfish