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Open-Source Wargamer

Wargamer has become an open-source project hosted at sourceforge.

Please check the new project website at

Latest downloads can be found at this link.


April 12th 2003

Various bug fixes. Battle Editor is more stable.

Date Filename Size Description
12th April 2003 2253521 Windows Executable, 1.2.2. Unzip on top of older versions
12th April 2003 4543925 Debug version Windows Executable, 1.2.2. Unzip on top of older versions. Wrtes lots of logfiles while it runs
12th April 2003 3505899 Source code for Microsoft Visual C++

December 17th 2001

Another open-source release has been made. This makes the battle game and battle editor more stable

Date Filename Size Description
17th December 2001 1857290 Windows Executable, 1.2.1. Unzip on top of older versions
17th December 2001 4502412 Debug version Windows Executable, 1.2.1. Unzip on top of older versions. Wrtes lots of logfiles while it runs
17th December 2001 3941580 Source code

August 10th 2001

An initial open-source release has been released. It compiles with Microsoft Visual C++, or you can download the compiled executables which must be unzipped on top of an existing installation

Date Filename Size Description
10th August 2001 2220595 Windows Executable, 1.2.0. Unzip on top of older versions
10th August 2001 3953979 Source code for version 1.2.0

February 24th 2001

Wargamer has becom an open-source project at SourceForge along with Civil War.

April 4th 2000

Beta version 1.1.2 has been uploaded. This is for testing so you can see what bugs have been fixed and can try out the two player mode of play.

Warning: This is a beta version and neither myself nor Empire can be held responsible if it crashes your computer and destroys your data. Using a beta version is at your own risk.

Some of the changes are:

  • Supply lines are shown.
  • Display of supply depots and choke points can be turned on/off
  • Major improvement to Battlefield AI
  • Various bug fixes to Campaign and Battle

To install the beta, you must have already upgraded to version 1.1.1.


Date Filename Size Description
4th April 2000 Beta
1,146,658 bytes Upgrades Version 1.1.1 up to Beta version 1.1.2.


Date Filename Size Description
15th Nov 1999 wg_patch_1_1_1.exe 1,934,179 bytes Upgrades English Version 1.0.1 up to version 1.1.1.
15th Nov 1999 wg_de_patch_1_1_1.exe 852,335 bytes Upgrades German Version 1.1.0 to version 1.1.1.
15th Nov 1999 readme_1_1_1.txt 3,106 bytes What is in the patch for version 1.1.1
28th Sep 1999 eu_patch.exe 169,780 bytes Patch to show correct mission briefings on non-English computers


What is it?

Wargamer is an ambitious project to create a series of Historical Computer Wargames at Strategic and Tactical levels. Each new scenario will be built upon the previous ones, but will contain new program code for the specific details required for that scenario, whilst maintaining backwards compatibility with earlier scenarios.

The first scenario covers Napoleon's 1813 Campaign, and was released in Europe in September 1999.

French Flag Prussian Flag


  • Designed for Windows 95/98
  • Designed with all the features that computer wargamers have been asking for. All the comments received from purchasers of Civil War have been taken into consideration.
  • Designed to be easy for beginners to get into and learn, yet powerful enough for seasoned "grognards".
  • A series of products that integrate together.
  • An intelligent computer opponent